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Our Blint Shakes Machine

We have developed the first automated protein machine that dispenses freshly blended, high-quality protein shakes using a cutting edge, interactive technology.

Unique Features of our Blint Machine

Blint is one of the first machines on the market with a complete line of original healthy protein shakes. Our concept of fresh shakes is one that fulfills the current need for both convenient and healthy food options.

All flavours consist of a 100% whey protein blend and an assortment of freeze-dried fruits & vegetables. For more nutritional information, Visit Our Shop for Product Details!

Our Machine accepts Debit, Credit Card and ApplePay!

Our system includes a cleaning technology that utilizes hot water to auto-clean all pipes/containers within the machine. The self-cleaning component targets the mixing circuit, product delivery & grinding assembly. This can be programmed both manually and automatically.

Our design includes 6 containers of protein powder of various flavours that can produce over 350 shakes

Our expect software takes control of every step; from the payment to the product delivery. Not only does it allow the buyer to select different formula combinations, it also provides customers with the product details such as ingredients & nutrition facts.

Our Machine Locations

Our Nutrition Station

Our Nutrition Station includes two units: Our Blint Shakes Machine, which offers freshly blended whey protein shakes & a secondary unit that offers a variety of healthy product options. All items are purchased via the interactive touch screen on the Blint Shakes Machine.

Nutrition Station Products

  • 100% whey protein blend
  • Freeze-dried fruits & vegetables
  • Post-workout

Variety of pre-workout, hydration, ready-to-drink, wellness, & caffeinated beverages

take-home protein supplements & sport performance mixes.

Protein bars, meal replacements, healthy snacks.

  • Locks
  • Hair elastics
  • Deodorant
  • Headphones
  • Phone chargers

Nutrition Station Features

  • Healthy, variable product options

  • Automation of purchase transaction – simple – cashless

  • Elite Member Auto-Discount Opportunity

  • Products available 24/7

  • Customizable

Interested in placing a Nutrition Station in your facility?

For more information please email mike@blintcanada.ca



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