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How Protein Intake Benefits Your Health AND Your Workout

Protein is a vital component for almost every cell of your body. Research has shown that protein plays an important role in tissue repair, the generation of skin, blood, hair and bones as well as to make enzymes, hormones, and more. The health benefits of protein have more recently been incorporated into mainstream culture with the rise of a health and fitness conscious society. From a health standpoint, many individuals have been opting for a high protein, low carb diet to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From a workout standpoint, protein is highly beneficial following exercise to increase the impact of a workout. Read below about how protein intake benefits both your health and your workout!

Your Health

     1. It is a macronutrient:

  • Protein is a core macronutrient, which means that the body requires large quantities to maintain your health. Unlike carbohydrates, another macronutrient, the body is unable to store protein meaning that there is no reservoir to draw from when your body is deficient in protein levels. Thus, it is essential that adequate amounts of protein be ingested to maintain protein levels (for example, protein shakes).
     2. Immune system enhancement:
  • Protein in the body plays an integral role in building a strong immune system
     3. Aids weight loss:
  • Protein induces satiety, which means that you are fuller for longer and less likely to snack. Protein also boosts lean body mass.

Your Workout

     1. Better strength gains from training:

  • Strength-training workouts quickly deplete the protein in your body. Adding protein to your diet following a workout will enhance muscle recovering after your workout.
     2. Fast recovery from injuries:
  • Consuming protein post-workout helps to heal the “micro tears” in muscle tissue that are caused by intense contractions that your muscles experience during a workout
     3. Customize intake for your personal workout:
  • Whether you’re a runner, a competitive weight lifter, or just a fitness fanatic, you can benefit from protein after a workout. The great thing about protein is that you can adjust your consumption based on the intensity and frequency of your intake.

So what kind of foods contain high protein? See the infographic below! (http://www.fitwirr.com/health/tips/high-protein-foods#.WCv3gYCvIb8.pinterest)

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