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Blint Shakes Automated Protein Shake Machine: Our Unique Features

Blint Shakes as developed the world’s first automated protein machine that dispenses freshly blended, high quality protein shakes using a cutting edge interactive technology. Our Blint Shake machines dispense fresh, healthy, nutritious, and on demand protein shakes that consist of 100% Whey Protein and an assortment of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Blint Machines are operate in a range of locations throughout Canada and USA.

Great Locations for our Machines Include:

  • Fitness Centres/Gyms

  • Athletic Complexes (hockey rinks, basketball gyms, field houses, etc.)
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Health Food Stores
  • Business Offices

Read about The Unique Features that the Blint Machine has to Offer.

  1. Unique in the Market: Blint is one of the first machines on the market with a complete line of original healthy protein shakes. Our concept of fresh shakes is one that fulfills the current need for both convenience and healthy food options.
  2. Ease in Maintenance: The Blint Machine is designed with user-friendly technology and an auto-cleaning system. It also ensures easy access inside of the machine, offering a modular architectural design in order to simplify refilling and maintenance.
  3. Large Product Capacity: Our design includes 6 different containers that can be partially or fully refilled to produce more than 350 shakes.
  4. Interactive Software: The expert software takes control of every step; from the payment to the product delivery. It provides customers with the product details (nutritional facts). It also allows the buyer to select different formula combinations including the option to add a powerful energizer to their drink.
  5. Self -Clean System: Our system includes a cleaning technology that utilizes boiled water to self-clean all pipes and containers within the machine. The self-cleaning component targets the mixing circuit, product delivery and grinding assembly. It can be programmed both manually and automatically.
  6. Credit Card Reader: Our machines include the newest available version of a credit card reader, replacing the old-fashioned coin collector.
  7. Robust Construction: Our machines are built from steel with rustproof treatment and vandal-proof lock with a crowbar resistant door that is integrated into the cabinet.
  8. Programmable: The technology allows for both on-site general programming and remote programming. Local programming occurs via a keypad, a card-reader terminal or a PC.
  9. Statistics: Our technology offers a complete accounting data storage and reporting for your business


Interested in placing a Blint Shakes Machine in one of your venues? If you are looking to enhance your customer/employee experience, please reach out to our Director of Sales & marketing Tim Bean via phone: (519) 500-3197 or by email: tbean@blintcanada.ca

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